Valentines Budget & Planning

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Part of the Personal Growth series

               Valentines day is a period of festivity for many couples, or aspiring couples. It is also a time where expenditures are expected to trend up, with Americans alone expecting to spend $21.8 billion, an average of $164.76. To help facilitate one’s financial management, the Valentines Budget & Planning in excel is now available for free.

Valentines Day budget and planner overview

               This solution serves three main purposes: 1) To help plan the ins and outs of your Valentine day; 2) Gain clarity on the distribution of expenditure & 3) Support planning within one’s budget.

               Now how does it work? For starters, the user should fill the top-right segment of the solutions highlighted below:


Weekly Net Salary [To Be Filled] – How much is taken home on a weekly basis once taxes, insurance and retirement plan are taken into account. This will serve as a baseline to help visualize how much is being spent on Valentines Day.

Budget [To Be Filled] – A ballpark of how much you are willing or expect to spend for Valentines.

Listed Expenses [Automated] – Summation of all costs listed on the table.

Split Bill [To Be Filled] – A Yes/No dropdown filter to help determine how much of the expenses will covered by the planner. For example, couples with shared finances are likely to say ‘No’ since the full amount will come from the same source.

Expense After Split [Automated] – A formula based on the Listed Expenses and Split Bill.


               Once the basics are filled out, it is now important to complete the table with the steps that will be taken in preparation and at the time of Valentines day. This can include a variety of things such as flower purchase, transportation and many more. It is completely fine to have steps that do not cost money, after all this, is a personalized Valentines Budget & Planning. The sample includes nine steps, with one having no cost.


               After the table is completed, go to Data->Refresh All. The graphs will have been updated with the % Base Expenditures and the Breakdown of All Expenses.

               It is now time to ensure that you are happy with your Valentines budget & plan and to then put it into action.

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