Customer Relationship Management Excel

Customizable CRM tool for better data visualization and decision making.

Invoice Tracking Tool

Customizable invoice management tool for automatic generalization of invoices and better data visualization.

Sprint Planning Tool

Customizable sprint planning tool for better data visualization and decisions making.

Utilities Excel Tracker

Customizable utilities tracker tool for optimized carbon footprint and cost structure analysis.

Volunteer Database Management

Volunteer information management excel tool with interactive dashboard.

Weekly Timesheet Excel

Easy to use Word and Excel Weekly Timesheet template for personal and organizational use.

2021 Calendar Templates

Simple customizable Excel Calendar for 2021 with monthly and yearly variations.

Activity Tracker

Augment your performance review process with this easy to use excel activity template.

Weekly Status Report Template

A well-structured weekly status report can lead to better organizational management, productivity, transparency, accountability and cohesion.

OKR Template

A well-structured OKR system often leads to clearer instructions, better organizational engagement, productivity growth, accountability and even insights on the business itself.

GPetrium's 30 60 90 Day Plan

This strategy document defines the necessary objectives to be accomplished during the first 30, 60, or 90 days of the project, program and, or operation.

Health Check Tracker

As social distancing measures begin to loosen and businesses are permitted to reopen, the responsibility of limiting the spread of COVID-19 falls to all members of society.

Meeting Minutes

Gain visibility over the organization’s meetings with GPetrium’s Meeting Minutes in Excel by driving better insights on actionable items and attendance.

Educators Administrative Tracker

Join others who have taken the next step to save countless hours and help propel their student’s education experience.

Profit & Loss Statement Solution

Take the next step in saving countless hours building, analyzing and driving insights with GPetrium's P&L Statement solution.


The Power of an Executive Summary

The Power of an Executive Summary Executive Summary in Word Document Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Share on whatsapp                Executive summaries are…

Exceptional Performance in Challenging Times

Succeeding is often dependent on how effectively people can transform conflicts or distractions into drivers of motivation. Learn a few tools to help you have an exceptional performance.
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