Free 2022 Calendar Template In Excel

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              Calendars are an invaluable tool to manage schedules and keep track of important dates. Although there has been a movement towards tools such as Google Calendar via G Suite and Outlook through Office 365 that allows for seamless integration to other applications, there continues to be space for other types of solutions. This article provides a free 2022 excel calendar template that uses the GPetrium 2020 calendar functionalities.

Multiple Years Available for Download







Free 2022 Calendar Template In Excel

              GPetrium’s Excel 2022 Calendar Templates (Excel Calendar) is a free excel tool that facilitates the use of calendars for businesses, consultants, freelancers, and individuals. The tool is designed to help build a printable calendar that caters to your needs. It features printing options such as: 1) simple calendar year or month; 2) calendar with ‘holidays and festivities’, and; 3) personalized monthly calendar for 2022.

2022 Calendar tool is divided into 5 key segments, the ‘Calendar’, ‘Calendar + HF’, ‘Monthly Calendar’, ‘Holidays’ and ‘Config’:

  • The ‘Calendar’ segment allows for a quickly printable 2022 annual calendar, it also features a Holiday & Festivities section that can be filtered down by month, country and type for reference purposes.
  • ‘Calendar + HF’ has similar feature to the above segment and it is built to allow for the Holiday & Festivities to show on the printable calendar, although the months are smaller in scale.
  • ‘Monthly Calendar’ is a printable calendar by month for the year of 2022. It also contains slicers and ‘holidays and festivities’ that are similar to the prior segments.
  • ‘Holidays’ is an expanded database of over 151 (previously 108) holidays and festivities that are observed by four major religions (Buddhism, Christian, Judaism and Islam) and national holidays from 9 (prev 6) countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States). Users of the calendar are encouraged to personalize their holidays, festivities or observances by adding it into the tool.
  • ‘Config’ is used to build the drop-down list that facilitates the addition of new data.

‘Calendar’ tab

2020 yearly calendar with a few holidays and observances
  1. Calendar: A free printable calendar for the year 2022.
  2. Holiday & Festivities: a list of holidays and festivities that can be filtered based on the slicers (3).
  3. 4 Slicers: Slicers are used to choose the relevant data that should appear on the ‘Holiday & Festivities’ section. It includes ‘Month’, ‘Country’, ‘Type’ and name of observance.

How to Print

              For an easy print shortcut, press CTRL+P. Otherwise, go to File > Print. Once in the print pane, follow these settings: “print active sheet, collated, landscape orientation, letter, normal margins, and no scaling (as stipulated in the picture below).

Printable view of 2020 yearly calendar

‘Calendar + HF’ tab

2020 yearly calendar with holidays and observances

              This tab has the same functionalities that can be found in ‘Calendar’ with the exception that it was compressed to allow for the ‘Holiday & Festivities’ to be printable in the same page.

How to Print

              For an easy print shortcut, press CTRL+P. Otherwise, go to File > Print. Once in the print pane, follow these settings: “print active sheet, collated, landscape orientation, letter, normal margins, and no scaling (as stipulated in the picture below).

Printable view of 2020 yearly calendar

              Please note that there is a limit of 33 Holidays, Festivities or Observances that can be added into the calendar for printing purposes due to its size and structure. If the list is larger than 33, items 34 and above may not show on the list.

‘Monthly Calendar’ tab

2020 monthly calendar with holidays and observances

              This is a calendar template by month, it allows the user to change the month according to the choice made in the ‘Month’ slicer. It follows the same structure seeing in ‘Calendar’ and ‘Calendar + HF’ tab. For printing directions, the same directions seen in ‘Calendar’ and ‘Calendar + HF’ apply.

‘Holidays’ Tab

List of some holidays and observances for 2020

              There are currently 5 columns that can be populated into the ‘Holidays’ tab. Although not every column is critical to the functioning of the tool (as exemplified above), each one can help the individual and organization to keep a better track of their holidays, helping to improve the calendar customization. Below we will look at each column:

  • Holiday/ Festivity: Holiday, festivity or observance that is expected to be added to the calendar.
  • Month: A drop-down list of 12 months following the 3-character format in the English language.
  • Day: Numerical drop-down list of numbers from 1 to 31.
  • Country: The country in which the holiday is observed.
  • Type: Type of holiday/ festivity that is followed by a community.

              Users are encouraged to add their respective holiday, festivity, observances and important dates into the database so that it can be populated into the calendar.


Q: I have updated the dataset, unfortunately the Dashboard did not update. What do I do?

A: To maximize cybersecurity, the team did not use VBA/macros for the solution. Therefore, in order to update the dashboard, you will need to go to ‘Data->Refresh All’.

Q: I tried to add a new drop-down item to the [Title] Config tab, unfortunately, it does not appear on the Sales Data.

A: The drop-down system is based on the ‘Data Validation’ excel feature, it restricts the entries based on a subset of cells that have been chosen. To recalibrate, you will need to choose all cells in that respective column then on the access toolbar go to ‘Data->Data Validation->Settings’ and change the Source to cover all the items you expect to have on the drop-down.


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